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Set in the current timeline, Rooms is a collection of 2500 rooms stored immutably on the Solana Blockchain. A skyscraper in the Metaverse houses every single room, with up to 100 floors and each floor containing 25 rooms. Every Room will provide a range of benefits to the room owner as outlined in our roadmap.

Every Room is unique, and no two rooms are alike. There are a multitude of attributes available, including but not limited to: background, room type, floor type, time of day, room arrangement and more! A full rarity chart will be posted post-mint.

We will be providing further information on the various possibilities and a good number of examples prior to minting. We have also included a range of easter eggs and honorary references to other projects on the Solana ecosystem, these can spawn in certain rooms! We look forward to you discovering these and are excited to incorporate further based on feedback!


We want to keep our roadmap as agile as possible, we are not going to promise "animated tv shows", "video games", "comic books" or all that crap that's unlikely to happen.

Our main goal is to ensure we can meet our promised commitments and pass the control to our community to allow them to vote and decide on what they desire the most.

We prefer to underpromise and overdeliver, and strive to be community-driven. We encourage our community to provide suggestions if they have something in mind they would like us to focus on.

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    Minting Process

    Our first priority is to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance to mint a Room. We've all read and seen the shortcomings when it comes to minting processes and we're aiming to utilize the Fair Launch Protocol for our minting process.

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    We realize that not everyone will be able to get a Room, so we will set up agreements with secondary marketplaces and inform the community accordingly as and when possible.

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    Room Viewer

    Everyone wants to show their room to others and in that regards we're already working on a sleek interactive Room Viewer and aim to provide a preview of this prior to minting.

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Lead Dev

Moonglade has been involved in cryptocurrencies since 2016 and has developed several Solidity projects. Outside the Blockchain, he has a lot of experience with running things smoothly on the cloud.


Blockchain Dev

FloatRight is a well seasoned software engineer that specialises in Rust and TypeScript. He possesses deep knowledge about Blockchain development and has a keen eye for detail.


Lead Artist

Irena has a great passion for drawing and has been drawing since she was 5. She is very excited to work on this NFT project with the idea and concept behind it, and to make her first foray into the Metaverse.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Rooms?

Rooms are a set of 2500 rooms algorithmically generated and stored on the Solana blockhain. Each room will provide certain benefits to the owner that is explained in our vision and the roadmap.

We will be conducting several community "build-a-room" events prior to minting, these will involve allowing the community to assist us building hand-made rooms on our Discord.

When is the mint date?

Short answer: When we feel comfortable to announce a date as we do not want to rush things.

Longer Answer: We want to make sure that we are completely ready to launch, there are many things we want to make sure we get right before we move ahead:
  • Ensuring we have a good community built up first that feels as ready as we do to mint.
  • Testing the minting process sufficiently to ensure zero interruptions.
  • Constant improvements to the art with input from the community until we feel it is ready.

We currently anticipate our mint date to be sometime in November.

Will there be whitelisting for early supporters?

We are currently deciding on the different ways to allocate whitelisting, we want people to follow this project because they are interested, not because they were told to do so to become eligible for a whitelist.

Our goal is to select eligible people for whitelist every week based on their activity, helpfulness and certain other metrics (such as when they joined, inviting others and promoting the project in an organic way). We anticipate the whitelist to be approximately 100 rooms out of 2500 total.

Please note that we are still investigating on the proper way to whitelist when it comes to using the FLP, if there is no possibility to do so, we will come up with a different way to reward our supporters.

How will the minting happen?

Our goal is to utilize the Fair Launch Protocol, this allows us to ensure we keep bots to a minimum and provide an equal chance for everyone to participate. Unfortunately, this does mean that we will need to introduce a bid fee of 0.1 SOL on the FLP in order to combat bots and people trying to mint multiple times.

What will the mint price be?

The bid price for the mint for a Room will be variable from 1 to 2 SOL, although this is not set in stone, we may lower it further. The bidder may select whichever price they wish to bid for. The Fair Launch Protocol will automatically inform users whether their bid needs to be increased or is sufficient. FLP will automatically deduce the "fair price" (median of all bids), and ensure anyone bidding over this price does not pay extra.

How will you ensure for a smooth mint?

Warning: Technical information ahead!

We have had a lot of experience developing scalable websites that are resillient no matter how much traffic you throw at it. We have made sure to leverage the following services in order to provide near-infinite scaling:
  • The minting page will be served from AWS Cloudfront (with an S3 bucket as the upstream origin).
  • All off-chain API calls will be served using serverless functions.
  • We will employ caching (Redis) servers to serve on-chain read data where applicable and utilize private RPCs.

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